Raspberry Pi Pinout

AIY Vision Bonnet

The AIY Vision Bonnet comes with the AIY Vision Kit by Google—a do-it-yourself intelligent camera. The Vision Bonnet connects to your Raspberry Pi to create an intelligent camera that can see and recognize objects using on-device machine learning (ML) models.

The bonnet includes hardware to accelerate vision-based ML models, a connector for the Raspberry Pi Camera v2, a 10-pin button connector, and 4 unique GPIO pins called PIN_A, PIN_B, PIN_C, and PIN_D.


  • Google 制造
  • pHAT 形态
  • EEPROM 产品编号
  • 需要 5v 及 3v3 供电
  • 使用了 11 个 GPIO 引脚
  • 使用 SPI 通讯
  • 使用 I2C 通讯
  • 更多信息
  • GitHub 仓库
AIY Vision Bonnet