Raspberry Pi Pinout


RaZberry hosts a Sigma Designs ZM5101 Z-Wave transceiver module (a so called 5th generation Z-Wave module), an external 32 K SPI flash for network data and a PCBA antenna. Additionally two LEDs are used to indicate certain status of the Z-Wave controller chip. Beside the PCBA antenna there is an option to solder a U.FL connector for external SMA antenna.

The power consumption of the board is typically 18 mA at 3.3 V but can peak up to 40 mA when the chip is transmitting.

RaZberry supports Z-Wave Security S2 and Smart Start technologies.


  • 由 Z-Wave.Me 制造
  • 10 个排针
  • 需要 3v3 供电
  • 使用了 2 个 GPIO 引脚
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