Raspberry Pi Pinout

Tentacle T3 for Raspberry Pi

This Raspberry Pi add-on board is stackable. Each Tentacle T3 can host up to 5 EZO-class devices from Atlas Scientific to measure PH, Dissolved Oxygen, Electric Conductivity (E.C.), Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) temperature (RTD) and control dosing pumps (EZO-PMP). The EZO devices must be in I2C mode. All I2C addresses can be set dynamically.


  • 2 fully isolated channels for Atlas Scientific EZO Circuits
  • 1 non-isolated channel Atlas Scientific EZO RTD Circuit
  • 2 additional I2C channels for EZO 5pin-sensors and 3rd-party I2C devices
  • works with the EZO-PMP embedded dosing pump and EZO-CO2 NDIR Co2 sensor. I2C only

Built in electrical isolation means that sensors won’t interfere with each other. It also removes outside electrical noise that can interfere with readings.


Tentacle T3 for Raspberry Pi