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Witty Pi 2

Witty Pi 2 is the second generation of Witty Pi, which adds realtime clock and power management to your Raspberry Pi.

You can turn on/off your Raspberry Pi with a single tap on the button on Witty Pi 2, and the power supply for Raspberry Pi and all its USB peripherals will get fully cut after the shutdown.

Witty Pi 2 has a CR2032 backed realtime clock (DS3231) on board, and can accurately keep time for Raspberry Pi. The built-in temperature sensor can tell the temperature around your Raspberry Pi too.

You can schedule next shutdown/startup of your Pi via the software. Complex ON/OFF sequence for Raspberry Pi can be achieved by applying a user-defined schedule script.

If you are using power bank as power supply, the new dummy load feature can keep power bank alive with low current consumption. The newly added 6-pin female header breaks out some important signals for integration/extension.

You can use the two commands below to install software for Witty Pi 2:

wget http://www.uugear.com/repo/WittyPi2/installWittyPi.sh

sudo sh installWittyPi.sh

After the installation is done, reboot your Raspberry Pi and your Witty Pi 2 is ready to go.

Witty Pi 2 supports all Raspberry Pi models that have 40-pin header, including A+, B+, 2B, 3B and Zero.


Witty Pi 2